Concrete & Asphalt Removal

Blast off is a very different type because it is deemed non-Acid. May be shipped non-hazardous, and has no fumes. It is used by brushing and will also remove up to an eighth of concrete. It is fairly safe on aluminum, but must not allow aluminum to soak or will darken it. It is popular because of its nonacid classification and the fact that it performs quickly. Designed to work immediately as it is brushed. Much faster acting than Sand Blast.

Knockout100 is by far the most aggressive concrete dissolver. It smokes and fumes and should always be used with proper ventilation. If you want the absolute strongest, fastest acting product, this is the product. Knockout 100 should not be used on any soft metals but is still harmless to paint as long as you do not allow it to sit or dry on the surface. Powerhouse 50 and Knockout100 must be rinsed thoroughly when job is complete.

Powerhouse 50 is a blend of various acid products. It is an aggressive product that works immediately when brushing, dipping, or spraying. A nice compromise when needing an aggressive concrete dissolver that can be used on all metals except magnesium. It will not harm paint and should be used with caution on aluminum. May be used indoors as well as outdoors as there is no smoke or fumes to any extent.

Sand Blast is a time released concrete remover. Very non-aggressive in terms of hurting paint, aluminum, and chrome. May be used as a spray or dip, and is designed to dwell on the surface for long periods of time. As it sits, it will dissolve up to an eighth of an inch of dried concrete. It turns the concrete into mush that can then be brushed, scraped, or pressure washed off. The key to optimum performance is to keep the surface wet by occasionally re-spraying with more Sand Blast or more water.

Slip Shield is an advanced, concentrated high release coating used to prevent asphalt from sticking to the beds of asphalt haulers. Environmentally responsible and biodegradable, Slip Shield works better than diesel and won't leave a gummy mess in truck beds. It is a Non-staining formula, can be diluted as much as 50:1 with water depending on the application.